At Novu we have a greater purpose: to make a better world for women. We contribute to events and social causes that are aligned with our values.

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Novu to support women entrepreneurs ACROSS aSIA AND AFRICA | 10/2017

Dec 12th 2017 - Update

"I would like to thank NOVU for their generosity in donating $400 to fund my micro-project that aims to use technology in fighting sexual and gender based violence in Burundi. When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe it! I hope you realise how this donation is a life changer. We will buy mobile telephones and distribute them to community leaders who will report all cases and acts of violence perpetrated against girls and women.  

This donation has given me hope as I feel supported in helping Burundian girls and women access support and justice. Now, I am more determined to implement this project as soon as possible.

I am truly humbled by your generosity NOVU.

Thank you"

Landrada Shaka, Burundi.

Landrada and her team are planning to launch the project in January.

Just Peoples' mission is to connect people in need with those who want to make a direct impact on alleviating poverty by providing support to high impact handpicks micro-projects across Asia and Africa. On Friday October 27th Just Peoples is hosting a fundraising event where guests will be able to choose which micro-project get funded from the proceeds raised at the event. Novu will match the funds raised to support women causes and ventures across the region.

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Novu to proudly sponsor AWARE Love Ball 2017 | 09/2017

Novu sponsors Love Ball 2017 by AWARE, Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group, dedicated towards removing gender-based barriers. The Love Ball is a fun-filled opportunity to celebrate its achievements in paving the way for gender equality in Singapore.

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Novu delivers free manicures at Sunday Social | 08/2017

What better way to spend a Sunday than having a good time at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club, with friends, music and free manicures.

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Novu featured in Vanilla Luxury as top at-home beauty services in the city | 08/2017

Vanilla Luxury, a luxury lifestyle digital magazine that serves as a portal for stylish and astute individuals in Singapore, has featured Novu in its issue 'Top At-Home Beauty Services to Book Today'.

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SPIN (Single Parents Informed, Involved and Included) organised a session to mentor single mothers looking to go back to work, and Novu was there to give a helping hand and make the participants feel gorgeous and confident.

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Novu was selected as one of the finalists of the the FedEx Small Business Grant contest, a significant recognition to the value created within the Singapore startup community.

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WOMEN on A MISSION| 05/2017

Proud sponsor of the fundraising event Organised by Women on a Mission, which comes in aid of women survivors of domestic violence.

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NOVU MAKES "ME TIME" more possible for busy women | 04/2017

Monica Maestre is an INSEAD MBA graduate from Spain who is building a venture that furthers her entrepreneurial mission to empower women from all walks of life. 

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