We are an on-demand beauty services firm based in Singapore. Our expert stylists deliver manicures, makeup, hair styling and other beauty services to the homes and offices of our clients, to help them manage their beauty routine.

 We have designed our services with the busy customer at heart to offer an easy salon experience in the convenience of their desired location, offering uncompromised quality and hygiene standards.  

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Novu comes from the Latin word novus, which means new. Our brand reflects how life is always in a flux. As women we continue to reinvent ourselves - as mothers, partners and professionals. We want to be there to help you be, look and feel your best self throughout your journey. 

We are an organization designed for and by women. Our therapists are offered a flexible schedule, career development plans, insurance and private transport among other perks, giving them the platform they need to grow professionally, while running a household.


What we stand for



Book your service in just a few clicks and we will meet you at a time and place of your choice. 


We uphold strict sterilisation standards and use single-use tools. You can count on it. 



We train our therapists and test our services to ensure we always deliver the best experience.