Gift certificates

Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or just because. Share the love with a gift certificate. 

Additional information

  • Our gift certificates can be used for any services available.
  • As you book, you will receive a voucher that can be emailed or printed. 
  • The unique code in the voucher is all the information needed to make the booking.
  • Our gift certificates never expire to make sure your gift can be used when needed. 
  • The value of the voucher does not have to be redeemed in one booking, just use the same code in your next booking.


Get up to a 15% off booking one of our packages. Choose a 6x or 12x session bundle.

Additional information

  • Our packages can be used only for the service selected.
  • Once you purchase a package, you will receive a confirmation with a unique code. 
  • To book your sessions, apply the unique code provided or your email address.
  • Our 6 session packages  expiry after 8 months and our 12 session packages after 14 months.